Build-a-lot: On Vacation 1

HipSoft (Shareware)

Build-a-lot: On Vacation is a casual building simulation game developed by the company, HipSoft. It is the sixth installment of the Build-a-lot series, and features an additional Expert campaign apart from the main campaign, as well as a Quick mode that needs to be unlocked. The game offers 65 levels with a time limit, although playing slowly does not incur any penalty. However, completing all levels quickly rewards the player with a speedy ribbon.

Like the other Build-a-lot games, this version requires the player to build houses that will earn a steady income. The money that is earned can be used to purchase new construction materials and workers in order to build more upscale houses. Once the houses are completed, they can also be sold for higher profit. The market value of the houses can be raised by having them painted or adding landscaping. They can be upgraded up to three times to increase the price or rent. To reduce the price of labor, the player can provide workshops to the construction workers. Having a sawmill also decreases the price of building materials. Another way to increase the value of the houses is developing surrounding properties like adding parks, monuments, and tennis courts. Players can have their building appraised at the Real Estate Office, which also allows them to buy double offer houses that are not for sale.