Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year 1.0

HipSoft (Shareware)

Build-a-Lot 2: Town of the Year is a management game where players manage their own real estate business. In each level, there are sets of goals to accomplish within a given amount of time. Some of these goals include reaching a certain amount of cash, building and developing homes, improving the town’s rating, and finishing all tasks before the time runs out. Players have the freedom to paint houses and buildings in any color they want. Aside from houses and buildings, players can also add trees, flowers, and other objects that will improve the look of the city.

The key of the game is to manage the amount of money given at the start. Materials must be purchased before any improvements can be done in the game. Some of the materials can deplete the budget, but there are different ways of earning cash in the game. Most of the money that players earn come from rent (houses and other establishments).

One of the differences of this game from the original Build-a-Lot is the tax. Taxes have been eliminated from the game. Another difference is that workshops can now be upgraded in order to allow builders to work on buildings and structures faster.