Bug Reporting Tool

InfinaDyne (Shareware)

All computer systems are prone to attacks from different types of bugs. To keep these bugs in check, there are different bug-tracking systems that can be installed by a computer owner on his or her system. InfinaDyne has a particular piece of software that helps its program users identify bugs when these are present. A bug tracker is an application that keeps track of software bugs. Aside from tracking these bugs, the program can also generate reports for the users. InfinaDyne is known for their recovery software and these come equipped with the necessary Bug Reporting Tool.

Released in 2012, InfinaDyne's Bug Reporting Tool carries the filename postbug.exe. The Bug Reporting Tool from InfinaDyne works by tracking bugs that may or may not exist in a particular program. Aside from tracking the potential bugs in a system, the application also serves to generate reports if these are found. The reports state if these bugs are active and if they have been engaged in various processes that can potentially be harmful to a particular computer system as these can take up resources unnecessarily and corrupt or take information from a user’s system. The generated reports are then utilized by the program to defend the computer from malware attacks and the like.