Bug Doctor

Maximum Software (Shareware)

Bug Doctor is a registry cleaning application that works on various computing and operating systems. It is available for free, a demo version, and for purchasing, the full version. It was created to help non-techies deal with regular computer maintenance procedures without having to result to complicated applications and processes.

Compared to other similar registry cleaners, the Bug Doctor is rather basic. This is why it is user-friendly. Program users simply have to launch the application to start the scan. Everything from the hard drive to various files, folders, and installed programs will then be assessed for any problems or malware. When the scan has been completed, the application will then release a notification prompt that comes complete with a list of problems or dangers that have been detected.

When this list has been generated, the program user can then choose to remove, repair, or rescan the listed programs. It is also possible for program users to assess each issue as necessitated. There is no need to manually scan for computer system issues because the Bug Doctor program can be configured to run automatic scheduled assessments. This makes it easier for those who depend on the program to regularly receive notifications on the current status of their computer system.