Bubblefish Bob

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Bubblefish Bob is an action match-3 puzzle. It is developed by WildTangent and released on June 2005. This game follows the adventures of a fish called Bubblefish Bob and some of his friends. Bubblefish Bob’s friends are trapped in numerous bubbles and his goal is to free them before they get eaten by anglerfishes waiting in the end of the bubble line. Bubblefish Bob must make sets of 3 or more bubbles bearing the same color. A set of same-color bubbles will burst and free the trapped fishes inside. This game features 60 levels.

Bubblefish Bob graphical user interface features a blue ocean background with Bubblefish Bob at the bottom shooting bubbles from his mouth. The bubbles containing his friends form some kind of a pattern with a waiting anglerfish at the end of the line. To make a bubble shoot out from Bob’s mouth, the player can left click. Right click lets the player swap the bubble to the one behind it. The game features several bonuses that can either be good or bad. Bonuses drop from the surface and float down to the bottom. Bubblefish Bob must catch the good bonuses and veer away from the bad ones. Bad bonuses are colored red while good bonuses are transparent. Players may also catch treasures that can be used to acquire treasure points. There are different treasure combinations that yield different treasure points.