Bubble Shooter Premium Edition 1.0

Absolutist (Shareware)

Bubble Shooter Premium Edition is a game in which players must shoot and match bubbles to clear a level. The game interface shows an area that is filled with different colored bubbles at the top half. At the bottom is where players shoot bubbles from. The right side of the screen shows the game’s title and the player’s score and current level. At the bottom right corner of the game interface is the menu button that players can click to access the menu options, change the sound settings, and exit the game.

This game is simple and easy to play. The game starts with a colored bubble at the bottom of the screen. Players position the mouse to the direction they want the bubble to go and click the left mouse button to release it. The goal is to shoot the bubble onto a group of two or more bubbles to pop them. Players continue shooting until the game area is cleared of bubbles. Once the game area is cleared, players advance to the next level. As the game progresses, the bubbles multiply in number, or get closer to the bottom of the screen. Players must act fast and prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom or they lose the game. The more bubbles the players pop in one shot, the more points they will be able to earn.