Bubble Shooter (Freeware)

Bubble shooter is a game in which players must clear the fields of bubble by shooting out three or more bubbles of the same color together with the corresponding bubble. High scores may be at the mercy of variable colored ammunition given by the game, but it is a play of strategic aiming just to clear the field. The game is comparable to other mix and match type of games such as Bejeweled or the omnipresent Tetris.

The gameplay is easy as the player only needs to point where the corresponding bubble is currently located and partner it with like colored bubbles on top. The players may also play with angles using the walls of the game to bounce off their bubbles to reach desired location. The more color the player shoots, more points will be given. Cutting of bubbles from the group gives ten times more points. On the right column of the game players can also monitor how many shots they have missed or how many misses are allowed until another line of new bubbles appear. When a player shots out a group of color a new line appears and when the player clears out the board, the score doubles.

The goal is not just about removing the colored bubbles but also to make some techniques to make the score bigger.