Bubble Shooter Deluxe


Bubble Shooter is a bubble shooting puzzle game that is ideal for the entire family. The game was first released in 2004. The player only needs the keyboard to play the game. The player’s goal is to remove all the bubbles on the screen before the bubbles reach the bottom of the game grid. Players can remove balls by shooting clusters of balls of the same color. Bubble can also be eliminated if they are disconnected from the cluster. Exploding bubbles from the cluster gives the user more points.

The right panel on the main window also displays the number of misses the user does, as well as the number of balls remaining until a new line of bubble appear on top of the screen. The first few levels of the game are easy to beat, but the game gets more difficult as the game progresses and the player gets to higher levels. Furthermore, more bubble colors appear on later levels of the game, which makes it even more challenging for the players to complete.

Other features of the game are the following:

• Simple game with several challenging levels
• Easy to play even for young players
• Fun gameplay experience for everyone