BSC Cleanitol TM

BSC (Shareware)

BSC Cleanitol TM is an app that intended to clean up duplicates and outdated plugins. It is useful in removing files and folders that only serve as clutter in the computer system. This program is designed to find redundant files so that the user’s time and efforts are not wasted hunting for duplicate dependencies manually.

BSC Cleanitol TM is also capable of the following functionalities. This app can:
• Move HTML, TXT, and JPG files which are in the plugin folder
• Provide a full report of files that have been moved
• One click transfer of files that need to be moved in a subfolder
• Return old files into the plugins when needed

This utility gives the user the luxury to sit and relax while multiple functions are being performed. The subfolder is also automatically labeled with the date and time when the files where moved. BSC Cleanitol TM places all the redundancies in a backup location, which is external to the plugin folder.

BSC Cleanitol TM is a simple solution for clearing out files that are already out of date. This program is useful for people who need to monitor their file clean-up activity because it gives a readable report about every transfer done.