BS Contact

Bitmanagement Software GmbH (Shareware)

BS Contact is an interactive 2D/3D viewer utility that can be embedded in Internet browsers. The Web browsers wherein this utility can be embedded include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome. Aside from this function BS Contact can also be used as a standalone utility. This advanced computer program is developed by Bitmanagement Software GmbH (BS). BS Contact serves as the core of its visualization platform product range.

BS Contact is middleware technology that is offered by BS as a frontend application. This utility has many functions, foremost of which is its usage as OEM software.Cutting edge computer applications are possible via BS Contact because it is designed to perform relevant tasks to 2D/3D viewing. It is also a versatile application. Numerous distribution channels are suited for this program such as CD/DVD, Web, and PC. The computer graphics capabilities of this program are state-of-the-art. Users of this utility can use BS Contact for spline formats and 3D vector requirements since it supports these formats.

Users can customize a number of different parameters including GUI, functionality, size, and menu so that their specific requirements are fulfilled. BS Contact has interactive features that are based on interfaces and open standards which make it easy to integrate into back end systems.