Browzar Ltd. (Freeware)

Browzar is an IE shell web browser that enables users to surf the web with privacy. The program does not save history, cookies, or cache. It also does not utilize auto-complete in order to protect user privacy while staying online. This web browser consists of a search box that is used for browsing the web. It also features the “.com button” that automatically fills the “.com” and “www.” of a certain website. This means that users no longer have to type the whole URL of the website. The program is available in three different color schemes – Silver, Windows Style, and Black.

Browzar also offers Auto-complete Blocking, which works like predictive text. This feature will guess what the users are going to search right before finishing it. The program also features the Cleanup Progress Panel. This feature is used to monitor the cleanup process after using the program. Users also have the option to retry the cleanup procedure in case a failure occurs. There is also the Boss button, which closes the program instantly. This can be used when you do not want the clean up box to show when you are exiting the program or you need to close the program in a hurry. Crash protection and recovery is also featured, which stores a text file containing time and date stamp of the exact moment you the program was used. Other main features include Homepage Customization, Menu Functionality, Tabbed Browsing, Popup Management, Secure File Deletion, Web Cache, and Temporary Application Data Delete (Java and Flash).