Broken Sword III - The Sleeping Dragon (Safe Video Mode)

Revolution Software (Proprietary)

Broken Sword III - The Sleeping Dragon (Safe Video Mode) is an adventure video game developed by the company, Revolution Software and published by the Adventure Company. It is the third part of the Broken Sword game series and follows the exploits of George Stobbart, who travels to the Republic of Congo to meet a scientist, only to arrive moments before the scientist is slain by a skinny, unknown man. George discovers a postcard in the laboratory that tells him to head to Glastonbury in England to look for a former Neo-Templar named Bruno. When he arrives in England, he rescues Bruno from a burning building and learns from him that the Neo-Templars have been transformed to the Cult of the Dragon, which is being led by Susarro, the same man who killed the scientist in Congo. Bruno informs George that Susarro intends to acquire immortality by using the Earth’s ley lines.

The player controls the character of George as well as his companion Nico Collard by pressing directional buttons on the gamepad of keyboard. As George, the player must gather items that can be used to solve puzzles and combined with other objects in the game. He can also interact  with other characters in order to get clues on how to advance in the game or solve some of the puzzles. When the player is near a hotspot, four action choices appear on the screen.