BroadCaster Studio Pro (Freeware)

BroadCaster Studio Pro is used for recording streaming videos on the Internet or activities on the desktop from other programs that are open. It offers three options when recording a video.

• Entire Screen – This option records the entire desktop window.
• Specific Window – This mode allows the user to record the activity on one of the windows that are open on the desktop.
• Region of the Screen – This mode enables users to choose a part of the screen to record.

There is also a Settings window where users can change the video resolution and the color for the letterbox. The application also supports using hotkeys that allow them to record videos with just the keyboard. It can be used for creating demonstrations, tutorials, and presentations, as well as for recording video content to be played later on or transferred to a mobile device.

Here are more of the program’s key features:

• Users have complete control over the recording settings of the video
• Can be used with instant messengers, such as Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger
• Ideal for both novice and advanced computer users
• Does not clog up system resources even when recording a video
• Support for tracking the position of the mouse while recording