BroadCam 2.25

NCH Software (Shareware)

BroadCam is a video streaming software that allows users to stream live videos using their webcams, network Internet Protocol (IP) camera, or even prerecorded videos in various formats. Video streams can be viewed using any Flash player or Windows Media Player. It also has the capability to invite viewers to watch the video streams. On top of this, the professional version allows the use of watermark for live videos and use of alternate banners with customized Uniform Resource Locator (URL), so that it can be used to generate income from advertising.

The BroadCam user interface is simple and user-friendly. It has two selections on the menu bar: BroadCam and Help. The toolbar below it has functions for Connect, Options, Invite, Viewers, Upgrade, and Toolbox. The central screen is divided into two sections, one for the live video streams, and one for pre-recorded video files. To create a webcast, users will need to install the program and connect to the Internet first. Clicking on the ‘Connect’ button will open a web page with the link that the user needs to share the video to other users. The link displays dial-up connections, as well as the option to display pictures in the JPEG format. The software has a default setting on compression and other details, but users are free to change these settings.