Splash Damage, Ltd. (Proprietary)

Brink is a video game developed by Splash Damage and was released in May 2011. This video game features a first person shooter action video game where players explore their environment and perform combat actions in a first person perspective. Another gameplay feature of Brink includes parkour or free-running moves. This gameplay feature allows players to move around their environment faster and chase or hide from enemies effectively. Free running or Parkour is an art of moving from one place to another in the easiest way possible. This incorporates special moves used to clear physical obstacles, such as fences, walls, pits, etc. This can be accomplished by moves such as timed jumps, vaults, grabs, and many more. Brink is set on a floating city named Ark that is ravaged by a long civil war between two factions: Security and Resistance. Security is a totalitarian faction that seeks to control the resources and citizens of Ark while the Resistance is a group of fighters which seeks to give freedom to Ark’s citizens. The city of Ark was at first an experimental floating city designed to be self-sustaining. Years of global warming caused the oceans to rise and submerge all habitable landmasses on earth making Ark the only refuge left. In Brink, players may choose to play as one of the Resistance or one of the Security.

Brink features several character types that possess different free running and combat skills. The first type is the Soldier, which is charged with destroying important objects and structures with a variety of explosive weapons. The next type is Engineers, which are concerned with building, repairing, and upgrading structures on the battlefield. Another type is Medics, which are responsible for support, healing, and reviving tasks. The last type is the Operative, which acts as spies and possesses excellent hacking and infiltration skills.