Bridge It

AURAN (Proprietary)

Bridge It is a puzzle game in which players are tasked to construct a structure to bridge a gap, in order to provide a way for vehicles to make their way across. The bridge must be sturdy enough to avoid disaster, including earthquakes. This game is a collaboration of Auran, Chronic Logic, and NVIDIA, and makes use of NVIDIA GeForce FX hardware and Auran Jet visual software to make it a realistic 3D game. The game is based on Chronic Logic’s Bridge Construction Set game.

The game is set in various locations, such as forests and deserts. Players must design and construct bridges to fit the environment. The bridges must be able to support the vehicles that will be using them, from light motor vehicles to heavy freight trains. Some bridges must also be constructed in such a way that they can allow river boats to pass underneath them.

There are 30 levels in the game that range in difficulty, from novice to expert. There are tutorial levels to guide players in the basics of the game. Players will get to build a large variety of bridges, including hydraulic bridges and draw bridges. When a bridge has been successfully constructed with no mishaps, the game makes use of an intelligent scoring system that rewards players for their clever designs. Editing tools are also available that enable players to customize how their bridges would look.