Bridge Base Online 0.3.50

Bridge Base, Inc. (Freeware)

Bridge Base Online is an online bridge service provider developed by Bridge Base, Inc. and released on April 2001. This online service provides bridge players a free, online, multiplayer playing environment. This bridge service allows users to login and play or to play anonymously. During anonymous play, users play bridge against robots. When logged in, users may play against other logged in players. Bridge Base Online also features team matches and tournaments. It also offers a chat function between logged in players. Users may also create friends lists, view BBO hosts, and check BBO star players. This program also enables users to watch real time bridge games through the Vugraph functionality.

Bridge Base Online features a simple user interface. The bridge table occupies the uppermost part of the window. For logged-in play, each player name is specified on the four sides of the table with their corresponding hands of cards. The gaming table is set in green as a default. The score sheet is located below the gaming table. Users can also chat with players using the input sheet. To type in a message, users have to click on the Type button just beside the sheet. Users can also customize the interface settings using the Settings button beside the Type button. When the game ends, the Results sheet is displayed on top of the gaming table.