Bridge Baron 21 24

Great Game Products, Inc. (Shareware)

Bridge Baron 21 is a Bridge Game that is easy to use and recommended for players who enjoy professional bridge. This computer game implements the award winning bridge play engine from the makers of the popular best-selling series. Bridge Baron 21 is created by Great Game Products, Inc.

Bridge Baron 21 contains hundreds of challenged for avid bridge enthusiasts. There are also Bridge Tournaments available for free. Players can play one hand over and over, take back bids, and do a bit of experimentation.

Bridge Baron 21 features a well-designed graphical user interface, bidding system, and easy to follow game play. This game gives bridge fans the opportunity to play against the computer. There is no need to find four other human players to play with because this game has all the necessary components of the game. Bridge Baron 21 can deal random hands and suggestions with regard to bids and game play are also given.

Bridge Baron 21 can be played anytime and anywhere. When players exit the game it automatically saves and upon opening the game loads or the player can opt to begin a new one. This game allows the player to set the level of expertise, much like other computer games. Playing higher levels take longer but it depends on the skill of the player.