Bricks of Egypt

Arcade Lab (Shareware)

Bricks of Egypt is a breakout-style game in which players have to accumulate points by breaking bricks and collecting treasures. In this game type, a layer of bricks can be found at the top of the gameplay area, occupying a third of the space. At the bottom part of the gameplay area is a paddle on which a ball sits. Players use the paddle to control where the ball goes. Once put into play, the ball will move across the screen and bounce off the sides and top part where the bricks are. Each time a brick is hit, it breaks and is removed from the game area. Players must catch the ball and bounce it back to the brick layer until all of the bricks are destroyed. The player loses a life when the he or she misses to catch and bounce the ball, making it fall to the bottom of the screen.

In Bricks of Egypt, players control the paddle’s left and right movements using the mouse. Each game level features different brick arrangements, which poses different challenges. Each level begins when the user clicks the left mouse button, sending the ball to the opposite side of the screen where the bricks are located. The level is completed once all of the bricks are broken, and players move on to the next level. Game powerups include fireballs, hieroglyphs, traps, gems, and lasers. These can help in breaking more bricks or in giving the player more control of the ball.