Bria 3

CounterPath (Proprietary)

Bria 3 is an application that enables users to manage their communications tasks from their desktops. This application has been developed to either replace or complement users’ hard phone in that in provides users with the ability to make VoIP calls, as well as video calls over IP. In addition, this communications tool lets users transfer files to contacts, send Instant Messages, and see when their contacts are online and available for calls, messages, and file transfers.

Bria 3’s standard features include the following:
• Voice and video calling – allows users to make voice, video, and conference calls in high definition. Users can also send and receive HD video. Aside from standard telephony functions, this application also lets users hide their IDs for calls.
• Instant Messaging – messages are received in real-time. Users can send instant messages not only to individual contacts but also to groups. Group chatting is also available. All of the messages are kept in an IM archive for easy referencing.
• Contact Management – users can manage up to three thousand contacts with avatars. Contacts may also be synchronized with those in the user’s Microsoft Outlook address book. Users can create contact groups; one contact may be included in two or more groups as necessary.