Brewtarget 2.0.2

Philip G. Lee (Closed Source)

Brewtarget is a program that allows users to create recipes for alcoholic beverages. The program is capable of determining the bitterness, color, and other important parameters when creating a new drink. The application is simple to use and users just have to drag and drop different ingredients to the recipe. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Large Database – The program has a large database that consists of a variety of ingredients that can be used when creating new drink recipes.
• Brew Timer – the Brew Timer allows users to keep track of all brewing activities. The application also comes with and audio notification tool to remind users of brewing times.
• Share Recipes – Recipes created in the application can be printed out, exported in HTML or TXT format for sharing on websites.
• Synchronization – The application is capable of synchronizing the entire recipe library with different cloud storage programs.
• Unit Converter – The program can convert between different units including English, American, or metric.

On the main interface, the recipes display all the information the user needs including the name of the drink, style, equipment to use, batch size, and other important notes. The program is cross-platform and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.