Breeze Systems Ltd (Shareware)

Breeze Systems Ltd. created and released the Breeze Viewer program. It is considered as a standalone utility program. It works by assessing various folders in a particular computer system looking for image data files. The images are then collected and presented in a slide show format. The minute new images are added to the folder, they are immediately included in the slide show.

When it comes to this particular program, the user sets a timer for the slide show. When the computer is left idle for a certain amount of time, the slide show is automatically started. The images are displayed one after the other with a plain black background. It is also possible for the user to add captions per photo. The captions can then be modified with font options and colored highlights. These image slide shows are created by selecting a file folder for monitoring. Every time the user decides to change the image lineup, he or she simply has to select a different folder to be monitored by the Breeze Viewer.

The interface is simple. The user sets a folder to monitor and then caption settings can be applied. Different transition and image enhancement elements can also be chosen. The stable time is inputted and so is the image display interval time. Other specifications like display span and randomizations can then be programmed.