BreakQuest 1.0 (Shareware)

BreakQuest is a multi-platform brick breaking game developed by Nurium Games. First released in November 2004, this game follows the story of a huge television company that produces thousands of channels and programs. When the viewers start being hypnotized by and addicted to the shows, human intelligence also begins to deteriorate. The player’s goal is to install a transmitter to prevent the satellite from airing the shows, thus putting an end to the TV Corporation’s domination.

The player can play either the Arcade mode or the Quest mode. In the Arcade mode, the player has to complete a series of random levels in the shortest amount of time. On the other hand, the Quest mode requires the player to play the levels in a particular order. All in all, there are 100 levels that players can take on, each with its own theme and unique features. Playing at a higher level of difficulty enables the player to earn a key that provides permanent access to that level. The games also offers various power-ups that enhance the player’s ability to complete the levels. Examples of the power-ups include a shape changer for the ball and an active mine. In the event that the player loses his/her main ball, a reserve ball is released to allow the player to continue playing. Extra reserve balls can be obtained by collecting power-ups along the way.