Breakaway Audio Enhancer 1.30.02

ClaessonEdwards LLC (Shareware)

Breakaway Audio Enhancer improves the user’s personal computer audio system. It provides the user with audio control over games, music, videos, and Web browsers. The program automatically adjusts volume dynamics and equalization of audio from the source sounds. Audio in Internet radio, Web browsers, media players, as well as file formats like MP3, videos, and CDs are digitally re-mastered for spectral balance and volume level.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer features a Windows Explorer extension to search for files. It includes an FM mode for listening to FM broadcasts. Multiple buffering is provided to give the user non-distorted transient control, enabling louder sounds and sound definition for the user. An autocorrect feature fixes shifts in volume and overdriven speakers. Spectral balancing and volume dynamics are also repaired automatically. A multi-band dynamics processing feature can restore the  music library’s spectral balance. Audio files and sound sources are not scanned and modified and are in the same condition. The program only improves the audio in real-time between the media player and the user’s speakers or headphones.

The Breakaway Audio Enhancer interface features a grey-to-silver interface, windows that display audio graphs and waves, and three buttons labeled Simple, Bypass, Volume, and another button for equalizer settings. The interface can be added to the task bar as a toolbar where the user can display the audio graph, wave, volume or all options.