BraZip 9.0.027

BraZip Tecnologia (Freeware)

BraZip is a file archiving utility program. It allows users to create file archives and/or extract them. This feature enables users to search inside compressed files for text, schedule tasks with backup scripts, and create archives that self-extract themselves using options. During the extraction of zip files, BraZip utilizes a mini-Explorer interface built as part of its extraction window, this permits the user access to nearly all functions to Windows Explorer. This feature enables users to exclude files and folders, drag then drop files or folders, do sorting, rename or even create folders within a zip package, as well as obtain file information without having to unzip the file package.

There are several output formats that can be used to encrypt and compress files (ZIP, GZIP, JAR, CAB, BH, TAR, and LHA). Users can use the same program to decompress and open ZIP, GZIP, JAR, CAB, BH, TAR, LHA, ACE, ZOO, HA, ARC, PAK, ARJ, Z, and RAR compressed file formats. Assigning a password in order to open the compressed file(s) is also possible.

When someone needs to send large files by email or instant messaging services but they experience problems doing so due to slow online services or Web connections, BraZip is a tool that can help address these limitations by simply having these files encrypted into compressed files.