Brave Arms

Namco Bandai Games (Proprietary)

Brave Arms is a first person, browser-based close combat game that is set in the year 2025. This is a popular game that involves players engaging enemies and fighting a revolt against an oppressive regime. The protagonist of the game is part of a resistance movement and carries out combat sequences against the ruling party. The player assumes the identity of an unknown blonde commando that fights against a military government in order to end the tyranny.

In Brave Arms, the players of the game can interact with the gaming environment that is presented as a 3D playing field. There is a wide range of available weapons including firearms such as the MP7 machine pistol. There are long-range weapons to choose from. Other weapons such as knives are used as well. This game allows players to customize the game avatar.

This game often requires players to engage in close contact fighting. The challenge for players of this game is to react adequately in these context-sensitive attacks. This game belongs to the trio of games that are developed for Playstation 3 players. Brave Arms occur in the world Strangereal. The other two games that occur in this world are Chain Limit and Second Season 01.