BRATZ - Rock Angelz

Blitz Games (Proprietary)

BRATZ – Rock Angelz is a video game based on the Bratz dolls. The game was first released in 2005. It is a third-person adventure game geared towards little girls. The game follows the story of the BRATZ Rock Angelz movie. In the game, players have different objectives to fulfill. It features several mini games where that players need to complete in order to get points. Odd chapters in the game have the same gameplay and even chapters have a different gameplay as well.

For the odd numbered chapters, players get to play four rounds of a specific game. Failing to complete objectives lowers the points of the player. These points can be used to unlock clothes and accessories for the Bratz characters. Even numbered chapters are in the form of adventure puzzles. Players also get the chance to play different Bratz dolls for different games. After completing all the chapters, the Top Trumps game is unlocked. This is a card game where the player has to guess which number has a greater value than the one on the opponent’s card. Getting a correct answer garners the player a card. The player who gets all 28 cards first wins the game.