Juan Trujillo Tarradas (Shareware)

BrainsBreaker is a puzzle game that allows players to use their own images as the jigsaw puzzle pieces. When creating the puzzle, players can choose from different puzzle shapes. There is also an option for choosing how many pieces to use (hundreds or thousands). Puzzles are divided according to difficulty. There are tools built-in to the application that helps users when solving hard puzzles. One of which is the magnifying glass. This tool is used to inspect puzzle pieces more closely and see the details. Another feature is the tray. Puzzle pieces that go together can temporarily be placed on the tray until they need to be used to form the puzzle. Additionally, players can choose to start solving the puzzle starting with the edges. Players can choose to stop playing anytime. The progress will be saved and players can resume solving the puzzle anytime.

BrainsBreaker also has built-in puzzles. Additional puzzles can be downloaded from the program’s official website. Downloadable puzzles are available in packs of twelve or four. They have a certain theme, such as buildings, animals, flowers, and more. Instructions on how to create a puzzle from an image can be seen on the application’s official website.