Brain Games - Chess

OnHand Software (Shareware)

Brain Games – Chess is a game that allows players not only to play chess but to improve their skills as well. Beginners can also use this program to learn the board game as it comes with tutorials for players of all skill levels. It also has a unique scoring system that adapts to and takes into account a player’s moves, the opponent, speed, and whether the player asks for hints. This scoring system gives users a precise feedback on their performance that can help users in improving their game. Users can play against a friend or the program itself.

Brain Games – Chess has a customizable interface that enables players to experience different playing environments. There are 15 styles of game boards as well as piece sets, such as cartoon, ice, and figurine. Players can also choose to play either in 2D or 3D. There are 12 computer opponents of various difficulty levels to match the players’ abilities. Among the easy opponents are Pea Brain and Rookie. As players improve their skills, they can also select more difficult opponents, such as Smarty Pants and Teacher’s Pet.

The game also includes more than three thousand classic matches featuring chess Grandmasters that users can watch and learn from.