Brain Challenge

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Brain Challenge is a game that allows players to sharpen their skills in logic and memory. The brain game is divided into different sections that cater five skills – Focus, Match, Logic, Visual, and Memory. At the start of the game, players are asked to do an exercise that gives them an idea of their baseline on the different areas that are covered by the program. The application comes with 20 different games that allow users to practice their skills. There are daily test activities and there is also a training room where users can practice with the different games available. Aside from the different games, there is also a Stress Training feature that tests the user’s solving capabilities when under stress.

Players start out with a limited number of games that can be played. As the player improves on different skills, more games become available. There is a doctor in the game that helps users access various features offered in the program. Players can also get access to their Brain Charts to see how far they have progressed since they started playing the game. The game is easy to navigate and the activities available are suitable for the entire family.