BRAdmin Professional

Brother Industries, Ltd. (Freeware)

BRAdmin Professional is a management application developed by Brother Industries, Ltd. It is used for managing the Brother network-connected products. The program provides useful details about the printer and print server. This includes serial number information and page counts. Changing the paper size is also possible. The program is also used for viewing the current status of SNMP-compliant network printing products. Multiprotocol support is featured as well. This enables the application to run on computers with IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocols.

The application also features mass-configuration of device settings. If the computer has several printers/DCP/fax devices installed, it can be configured in the same way using a single interface. Several Brother Devices feature embedded web browsers. This enables administrators to view device configurations using a web browser. For devices that offer this functionality, BRAdmin Professional can launch a web browser to display the information of the device. Organizing printers into groups is possible as well. The program also offers a feature for accessing more information regarding the device’s capabilities. There are also different discovery settings available in this application. It offers Agent Communication settings for collecting local device details on networks located on various subnets. There are also the schedule setting mode and IP Unicast settings.

Other main features available in BRAdmin Professional include Email Notification, Device Usage Log and Device Monitor (for locally connected devices).