BRAdmin Light

Brother Industries, Ltd. (Freeware)

BRAdmin Light is a network management program created by Brother Industries for its products. Its main purpose is to manage Brother network-connected products. This program allows users to look for Brother devices connected to a computer network. It can also be used for checking the status of the device.

The application allows users to configure basic network settings. It can be used to choose the preferred method for obtaining the device’s IP address (Boot Method). The program also offers configuration options for the IP Address and Subnet Mask, wherein the user can configure the device’s IP Address as either Static or Dynamic. Configuring a router can also be done. It provides an option to input the router’s IP address in order to recognize it. In some instances, the computer’s network is not capable of obtaining IP addresses for the devices. When this happens, the program shows an unconfigured device. To change this, the program requires a Static IP address.

Users may also send files to a chosen Brother device and print those files directly from the program’s main window. The program offers general information about the Brother devices. Information provided includes Model Name, Node Name, Ethernet Address/Mac Address, Firmware Version, Serial Number, Contact Details, and Location. Changing the device’s contact info, location, and node name is also possible.