AlcaTech (Proprietary)

BPM Studio is a virtual disc jockey program that enables users to make creative music mixes in their desktop or laptop computers. This program is used by Disc Jockeys as an alternative to an analog turntable console for playing music into establishments such as discos, bars, restaurants, dancing schools, entertainment centers and even radio stations. BPM Studio has features that allow its users to manipulate music tracks. These features include editing, pitching, mixing, cue-point setting, and looping as well as functions used in live mixing and creating flexible background music.

BPM Studio‘s user interface is designed to appear as a stylized DJ console. The program interface features two smooth-running players that have separate playlists, a sample player, a sample music editor, an integrated mixer, an equalizer, a BPM (beats per minute) counter, an automatic cross fader, and also a CD writer and a specially designed remote control. Users can import music from an optical disc such as a CD or DVD or get playlists from the music files saved in the computer’s hard drive. This program allows the drag-and-drop action when importing music files from other sources. In addition to these, BPM Studio is capable of adding 6 different cue points, automatic BPM matching, wave editing, as well as access to three types of cross fading techniques. BPM Studio supports various audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, OGG, CDA, ATX, and MCA.