BP Internet Optimizer

5ecret4dmirer (Freeware)

BP Internet Optimizer is a compact utility designed by MANTAV Softabs. It was released in September 2010. The program can speed up the user’s Internet connection by optimizing some parameters of the system. This involves changing the configuration of the TCP/IP parameters. Some parameters that may be changed are RWIN and MTU. RWIN stands for TCP Windows Receive, and MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit.  The values for these parameters typically change when a change in data connection happens.

BP Internet Optimizer features a simple grey user interface. The banner shows the logo and name of the program. Below that are two configuration options for users to choose from. The first configuration option enables users to choose the Internet connection method. The choices are DSL cable modem or power line, Optical fiber, Mobile phone network, satellite, and Dial-up or ISDN connection. It also provides the users an option to click Office, Home, Campus, or another network if the user is not using a personal Internet connection and be familiar with the data connection method used. After selecting the correct connection method, the interface requires the user to specify the current Internet speed currently used. The choices are staggered; starting from 512kb and below, 512kb and up, 1Mb, 2Mb, 6Mb, up to 100Mb and faster. After clicking the correct settings for both, users can then click the Optimize button at the lower right portion of the interface.