Boxee Media Manager

Boxee (Freeware)

Boxee Media Manager is an application that allows users to stream all of the media stored on their computers or on their iPads while connected to their home network. It is connected to the Boxee program, which is a freeware home theatre PC application. The media manager converts the video files on the fly into a file format that can be played on the iPad. The transcoding, which is the process by which the video files are converted to the format suitable to the iPad, is resource intensive and requires a good central processing unit (CPU) to work well.

To configure Boxee Media Manager, users will need to first select the folders that contain the files they would want to stream. The shared folders will then be viewed as a nested file system interface on the iPad app, which the user can select to pull the specific video file they want to play. The video files are displayed as thumbnails with the filename below each one. The main interface can also be used to check for updates on the software and to configure it to start automatically at login.  When played, the main interface will display the video, as well as other details, such as duration, resolution, and file size.