Boxee for Windows (Freeware)

Boxee for Windows is a Home Theater PC (HTPC), or Media Center, application. An HTPC program is a convergence device that merges PC capabilities with software that has video, playback, and photo support. Boxee software offers this feature together with social networking features and a 10-ft user interface. The program supports a broad range of multimedia formats.

Boxee sports the following main functions:

• Social Networking – Boxee users are required to create a Boxee account. All Boxee account users can interact with each other forming a social network. This allows users to follow the activities of fellow Boxee users. This feature also allows rating and recommending contents.
• Audio/Video Playback – As a Media Center program, Boxee is capable of playing different types of multimedia files from CDs and DVDs. Playback can be done using the local hard drive or DVD-ROM drive. It can also be used to stream over SAMBA/SMA/CIFS or UPnPshares.
• Picture Viewer – Aside from playback, this HTPC program can also be used to view pictures and images with options like creating a slideshow and panning/zooming functions.
• AppBox Add-on Store – This is the program’s digital distribution service platform. It allows Boxee users to download online content such as plug-ins and add-on apps straight into Boxee’s interface.

The developers no longer support the Windows version of Boxee.