BoxCryptor 2.0

Secomba GmbH (Freeware)

BoxCryptor is an encryption application that is optimized for cloud storage services. It has support for the major providers of cloud storage, including Google Drive, SugarSync, Dropbox, and Microsoft SkyDrive. In addition, it also supports other services that make use of the WebDAV standard, such as ownCloud, Cubby, and Strato HiDrive. The encryptor makes use of RSA and AES-256 standard algorithms.

As a file encryption program, it can protect files before these are uploaded to cloud storage. It works by creating a virtual drive or folder on the user’s computer or cloud storage folder where the files will be encrypted automatically before these are uploaded and synced to the cloud. This feature is ideal for users who would like to protect sensitive files, such as bank account and other private information, and corporate data.

The folder created by BoxCryptor is password-protected, so only users who know the password can access the files contained within the encrypted folder. This application provides protected cloud support for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android users. The free version of this application allows users to install it on one device. It also offers users a paid version where they can install the program on multiple devices, such as both a desktop computer and a smartphone for mobile use.