Box SimpleShare 1.0.42 (Freeware)

SimpleShare is an application used to share and record screencasts. The latter are recorded using flash and can be instantly viewed through a file previewer from Box. Any type of content can be uploaded and shared using the program. Files that can be shared include images, documents, and presentations. Files can be viewed through any mobile device or browser without ads. Users can track when files are downloaded and by whom.

An account from is imperative to be able to use the program. The program icon is located in the Taskbar and makes use of various keyboard shortcuts. Files can be sent to Box by dragging them into the program icon. Even entire folders can be sent in the same manner. Screenshots can be captured using hotkeys and are uploaded to a user’s Box account folder. Every uploaded file creates a special URL that is copied to the computer’s clipboard so links can be shared with anyone through Twiiter, IM, or email. 5GB is the amount of storage that is given for free program users. For those who have upgrades done, storage space provided can be 50GB, 25GB, or even up to 500GB. Program mobile applications enable feedback exchanges to happen, as well as offline access file saving. Reporting and logging features are not provided.