Bovo (Five-in-a-row Board Game)

KDE (Open Source)

Bovo (Five-in-a-row Board Game) is a board game developed by KDE. It is loosely based on the Japanese board game called Gomoku which literally translates to “five points.” It is a game played by two players playing against each other. The gameplay is similar to Tic Tac Toe where players alternately place their pieces on the game board. The game board is a grid consisting of 19 boxes down and 19 boxes across. On Bovo (Five-in-a-row Board Game), players alternately place either Naughts or Crosses on the board. Once the Xs and Os are placed on the board, it can no longer be moved, removed, or replaced. This is similar to the actual board game where the pieces are black and white buttons.  The goal of the game is to place 5 identical pieces in a row. The row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The game is also known as Connect Five or Five in a row.

Bovo (Five-in-a-row Board Game) starts with the player holding the black stone, the O, or the Naught placing his piece on an empty cell in the board. The other player then places on of his pieces on the board. The game ends when one of the players win, or when there are no longer any spaces on the board without anyone making a row.