Amanita Design (Shareware)

Botanicula is a point-and-click game that was initially released in April 2012. The game focuses of five botanical creatures – Mrs. Mushroom, Mr. Feather, Mr. Lantern, Mr. Poppy Head, and Mr. Twig. Their home tree has been infested with evil parasites and they must find the last seed from the tree in order to save their home. Players control the five creatures and help other botanical creatures solve their problems. The game is divided into different zones that players must explore. In each zone, there is a mission that must be competed. Botanicula also features puzzles. The puzzles get harder to complete as the game progresses.

Players can also encounter different items along the way. These items can be of help when an obstacle is encountered. There are also eggs that can be collected in different parts of the game. These eggs hatch into dragonflies. Players get no instructions at the start of the game. However, there are hints that can point players where to go or what do to next. These can be visual clues or audio clues. Players can also interact with the surroundings by pushing or squeezing.

Here are other features of the game:
• Numerous challenging puzzles
• Outstanding animation
• Realistic drawings
• Plenty of characters to encounter
• Beautiful soundtrack