Boris RED

Boris FX (Proprietary)

Boris RED is a video effects program developed by Boris FX. The program features 3D effects, composition, and titling functions that support different video editing software from the leading developers. The program can function as a standalone application or as part of the video editing work process. It offers an ergonomic user interface, video filters, painterly effects, and stylized effects. The program also features 3D particle effects, In-camera effects, and Transition effects. The software likewise supports 64-bit applications.

Boris RED user interface offers drag and drop panels for ease of access, as well as a curve editor panel. It also features a Compare Mode enabling users to compare different filters and effects using split-screen view or side-by-side view. Split screen view enables users to drag the wipe bar to see the effect of the filter on the base image. Boris RED also offers more than 40 filters including Bubbles, Mr. Smoothie, and Wiggle Edges. The program provides some simple image restoration tools like Noise Reduction, Pixel Fixer, and Smooth Tone.  Boris RED offers a 3-Way Color Grade Filter useful for any professional editors. The program also features realistic in-camera effects like Lens Shape, Lens Transition, Swish Pan, and Lens Blur. Stylized effects include Lens Flare, Scan Lines, Lightning, Glare, Glitter, and LED.  Painterly Effects include watercolor, charchoal style, and Toon Animation effect.