BootVis is a program used to test computers for performance issues. This program enables users to view the amount of time it takes for their computer’s operating system to boot. The program takes note of the applications and processes that slows down the boot process then takes steps to optimize and speed up the operating system’s boot process. BootVis works by measuring the time elapsed between switching the power on and the moment a user starts a program from the desktop. This program could also suggest other optimization tasks such as disk defragmentation, in order for the computer to reduce its boot time. After performing defragmentation and other optimization processes, BootVis would ask the user to restart the computer so it can analyze the improvements in the system’s boot time. This program will submit a detailed report shows as graphs about boot activity, CPU usage, disk usage, and disk input or output process creation.

BootVis features a simple interface that displays various processes and a graphical representation of the processes on the center portion of the program. These processes include the Boot activity, CPU usage, disk I/O, disk utilization, driver delay, and process creates. Users can choose to hide the view of processes by unchecking the box beside the process name.