YooApplications (Freeware)

BootManager is small utility developed by Yoo Applications. The program enables users to optimize their system boot. This is possible by choosing which startup programs to retain and which to remove. This lessens the number of programs to launch during startup, which in turn reduces the time it takes for the computer to boot and startup. Aside from reducing autostart entries, this program enables users to view the descriptions of these entries. However, users may also add programs or autostart entries to the startup. The program also enables users to execute specific programs from the BootManager app.

BootManager features a classic grey and blue graphical user interface. The window is divided in four sections. The top left portion shows the file tree view of the contents of the system. Collapsible folders corresponding to Startmenu, Registry, and Local Services are displayed with their contents. Some apps are assigned to Run folders, and others to RunOnce. The top right box displays autostart entries currently enabled in the system. Programs are shown with their corresponding program path, status, and folder path. The bottom part of the window displays a more comprehensive description of a selected program or autostart entry.  The far right portion of the window contains the task bar. Function buttons located in the task bar include Add, Edit, Activate/Deactivate, Delete, Execute, Refresh, and Report.