BooDaaLabs (Proprietary)

BootDisk2BootStick is a small utility developed by BooDaaLabs and released on December 2011. The program enables users to use a USB disk instead of a floppy disk, when one is needed. The USB disk mimics the capacities and attributes of a floppy disk, making the system believe that what is connected is a floppy disk, when in fact, it is a USB disk. This is particularly useful when the system will only boot from a floppy disk and one is not installed in the system. Floppy disk drives and floppy disks are very seldom used. Compared to most USB drives and even portable hard drives, the 1.4MB capacity of the floppy disk is miniscule to the 32GB or 1TB capacities of other storage drive options.

BootDisk2BootStick can be a lifesaver in moments when a particular program requires a floppy boot disk. The user first has to download a binary image of the contents of the floppy disk or copy the same into a local folder path. Then the program uses the binary image of a bootable floppy disk and saves the same into the flash drive. When the flash drive is plugged into the system, the computer will think what is connected to it is a floppy drive. To revert to a USB drive configuration, users only need to reformat the flash drive.