Bootable Media Builder

Acronis (Freeware)

Bootable Media Builder is an application developed by Acronis Inc. that is a part of their Backup & Recovery software package. This application allows users to create bootable media that can be saved in an external storage device, such as a USB flash drive, an optical disc, or an external hard drive. A Bootable Media is a standalone program that contains backup information, such as configuration settings, registry files, memory files, driver installers, and other data used to run an operating system. Bootable Media Builder is used to create a bootable backup of operating system data that can be reapplied to a computer in case it experiences a serious error that leads to a crash. This application creates a “restore point” that reconfigures the system to an earlier state before the error happened. Aside from being a backup tool, Bootable Media Builder is also used to test other programs in different software environments. Its capability to create bootable media for Windows and Linux allows users to test run their programs.

Bootable Media Builder features a wizard type interface that enables users to create bootable media systematically. The application’s main page contains a dropdown list that allows users to select between creating a Linux or Windows OS representation. After selecting the operating system, the application would display the parameters and ask the user to select an output device. The next page would then display various configuration options and other settings for the output file. After accomplishing this, users may proceed to create a bootable media device by clicking “proceed”.