Boost Windows

WindowsFaster,Inc (Shareware)

Boost Windows is an application from WindowsFaster, Inc. It is a system booster that can maximize system operations, fine-tune it, and restore it to an optimal state. The output of this utility is a system that is reliable, safe and contains all-new updates.

This is an application that has been shown to boost Windows function by about 30-50%. Boost Windows is a utility that performs the functions traditionally tied to IT specialists. It offers professional tools to home computer users who prefer to keep their systems running optimally at all times.

This program is ideal for systems that are already bogged down, slow, and crash often. The reasons for the dysfunction are any or a combination of the following: bad registry, huge disk cache size, high amount of install file, junk files, and temporary files. In order to avoid a Windows system becoming unstable, the functions of this application can be implemented to solve existing problems and prevent full system crash.

These are some of the benefits of using Boost Windows. First of all, this utility can speed up the following computer functions: Internet dial-up speed, disk speed, CPU cache, system shutdown and startup, and program running performance. With its ability to optimize computer systems, this application also provides better game experience to avid online gamers. This program can be implemented regularly to maintain the stability of Windows OS.