BOONTY (Freeware)

BoontyBox is an integrated desktop gaming application developed by Boonty. It is designed to function both as a game file manager and an organizer.  The program’s workflow is similar to how music managers work. BoontyBox works as an all-in-one download manager, organizer and database for downloaded games from The free software targets users who browse, buy, and download video games. It also has features that allow users to simplify the organization, installation and removal of video games that were acquired through the application.

Once it is installed, players can launch their selected game straight from the BoontyBox interface. This software makes allows users to retrieve, start, or play their games, not only with programs downloaded from the developer’s website but for all the games installed on the player’s computer. Any game placed in BoontyBox is available on demand, which means that games and other programs can be selected immediately and scheduled for automatic purchase, download and installation at a later time. BoontyBox also manages games loaded from compact discs as well as determine the appropriate speed for downloading games. As an integrated platform, Boonty offers members the capability to download game trials and purchase them from within the desktop application.