PopCap (Freeware)

Bookworm is a puzzle game in which players are tasked to form words from a given letter grid. Players form words by connecting letters. Once a recognized word is formed, the letters comprising the word are removed and the letters above fall into the vacated space below. Each word formed has a corresponding number of points; players earn more points when longer words are formed or when less-common letters are used. The game features various types of tiles, represented by different colors.

• Green – these tiles give players extra points when used.
• Diamond, Gold, Sapphire – these are given after a player forms a word that is made up of five letters or more. When these are used in subsequent words, the number of points formed by word is increased.
• Red – these tiles appear to be burning, and indicate that the player has made too many short words. The red tiles often appear at the more difficult levels and move downward automatically. When a red tile reaches the bottom of the letter grid, it causes the surrounding letters to burn as well. Players must use these letters as soon as possible in order to stop them from spreading and ending the game.

Players can scramble the tiles on the grid when they are having difficulties forming words. This is done by clicking on Lex, the bookworm. However, this may result in the appearance of red tiles so players must be careful when using this feature.