Bookworm Deluxe 1.13

PopCap (Proprietary)

Bookworm Deluxe is word game developed and published PopCap Games. It was released in 2003. The gameplay requires the player to connect available tile letters from the grid in order to form words. Used letters are removed from the grid and replaced by other letters. Players earn more points by creating complex and longer words.

Aside from the kind of words formed by the player, the types of tiles also play a crucial role in the game. At the start of the game, players can only use standard tile letters. As the player creates longer and complicated words, the tiles change in color. Tile types also change depending on the level where the player is playing. Special tiles provides player with bonus or advantage to the game. However, there is also the Red Burning tile type that can cause a disadvantage to the player.

The game also features other elements. For instance, when the player clicks on Lex (the game’s main character), the tiles in the grid are scrambled. However, doing this can cause some of the tiles to turn red. Players can also get extra points by forming the bonus word. The game also offers different game modes. There is the Action mode, which runs in real time. There is also the Classic, or standard mode, which serves as the game’s main mode.