BookSmart 3.4.3

Blurb, Inc (Proprietary)

BookSmart is an application used in making books which allows its user to design, create, and publish books. It allows content to be imported from a large number of sources ranging from emails, photos, blogs, iPhoto albums, Flickr sets, PSmartMug , Picasa, business plans, and many more.

Different kinds of books can be made ranging from planners, photo books, notebooks, portfolios, and novels. Various templates, such as book, notebook and planner templates, are included to assist the user in the preferred layout or design of their project.  BookSmart users have a comprehensive number of options in terms of backgrounds, themes, borders, color palettes, and hand- illustrated ornaments to include in the making of their book.  Books that are completed can be printed on demand in seven types of book sizes, and either in soft or hard covers. Blurb’s online bookstore allows for the marketing and selling of books done with BookSmart, and its Community Book feature also allows bookmakers to encourage others interested to contribute content to a book project.  BookSmart authors can include key words in their work for better Web exposure, have the freedom to set their own book price, have the option to sell their finished books through the Blurb website, and provide prospective readers a book preview of 15 pages.